Customized Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Lehigh Valley PA.

At Dr. Augello’s Health and Body Makeover, we match our programs to your specific needs.

Our underlying theme is that you first must become healthy, then you will lose weight.

Every one of our programs is based on returning your body to homeostasis (proper body balance).

We have programs that go from 5 weeks to 1 year. We also have maintenance programs available so you can maintain all of the success you have achieved.

Dr. Augello’s programs are designed to burn fat and preserve muscle. His program is designed to turn on your fat-burning hormones while turning off your fat-storing hormones. The amazing thing is that you are able to eat until you are full while you achieve health and wellness.

Having the staff reviewing your journal, body wraps from UCLA Medical Center, exercise with oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, neurolinguistic programming, and Dr. Augello supervising all of your care, you can be assured every detail is covered to ensure your success.

Dr Augello
Doctor of Chiropractic
Director of Health Services