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Thyroid problems have become more and more prevalent in recent years. This is because the process of making thyroid hormones in your body can be interrupted in many different areas of the process. Also because the amount of harmful toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis has grown exponentially. If you are breathing air, eating food, or drinking water you are being exposed to thousands of toxins daily.

The thyroid hormone is controlled by a negative-feedback loop. This is similar to your thermostat in your room. You set the temperature to 72 degrees, once the room is at 72 it turns itself off. This is how it works with your thyroid hormone.

Your hypothalamus tells your Pituitary Gland via TRH (Thyroid Releasing Hormone) to release TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone).

TSH goes to the Thyroid to stimulate the production of T4 (Thyroxine) which is the inactive form of Thyroid Hormone.

T4 is converted to T3 (Triiodothyronine) in the liver (60%), and the gut (20%), and the kidneys, heart, and muscles convert the rest.
Once T3 levels are at normal levels the Hypothalamus will then tell the Pituitary to stop releasing TSH.

The problem occurs when the conversion of T4 cannot happen to T3 in the liver and the gut. Since the Hypothalamus is not receiving any communication through the negative feedback loop it tells the pituitary to release more TRH which causes the pituitary to release more TSH.

Blood tests then show a high level of TSH (Hypothyroidism) and immediately we assume the Thyroid is not working properly.

In many cases, the problem occurs in the liver and the gut. If the liver and gut are filled with toxins and not functioning properly the conversion of T4-T3 cannot happen. This is why it is imperative you first go through a detoxification program to make sure your thyroid problem is not coming from your liver and gut.

Every cell in your body has T3 receptors. The thyroid controls body temperature, affects brain chemicals, controls focus, happiness, comfort, memory, learning, concentration, clarity of thinking, patience and controls the rate at which your body burns calories.

T3 controls your metabolism. It tells the body (every cell) when to consume oxygen and nutrients.

T3 gets our hearts pumping more efficiently and makes our cells breakdown nutrients faster.

You can now see why it is so important to not only make sure your thyroid is functioning properly but all the organs in your body.

They are so many people who do not have a proper functioning thyroid feedback loop but have a normal functioning thyroid who are on medication for thyroid.

Our program, by removing harmful toxins and cleansing your liver and your gut, gives your thyroid and the entire thyroid feedback loop the best chance to restore itself to proper function.

Dr Augello
Doctor of Chiropractic
Director of Health Services