Are You Becoming A Type Two Diabetic?

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Type two diabetes is a chronic diet-related disease that develops from the overconsumption of sugar. You are not born with type two diabetes the way you are with type one diabetes. The actual name of type two diabetes used to be called Sugar Diabetes until the sugar lobby fought to have the word sugar removed from the name.

With type one diabetes the pancreas is unable to produce the hormone insulin. Insulin is needed to remove sugar from the bloodstream. Sugar is very toxic to the body and if not removed will cause non-healing skin wounds, loss of toes, limbs, vision, and eventually organ failure.

So how does type two diabetes develop? When you have chronic sugar ingestion in the form of high carbohydrate foods such as sugary drinks, refined grains, pastries, processed foods, and alcohol to name a few, your pancreas is constantly releasing insulin. Insulin has a key to every cell in the body. Insulin uses that key to unlock the cells in order to move the sugar inside. The overconsumption of sugar causes the cells to build up a tolerance to insulin and then the cells begin to resist the effects of insulin making them insulin resistant. This is like putting gum in the keyhole and now the key does not work. This will lead to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is when the body has increasing abdominal fat (pot belly), blood pressure, blood sugar, and triglycerides. It is estimated that one in every three adults has metabolic syndrome.

The frightening and complicated issue is there can be normal blood sugar and the body still be insulin resistant. The blood test may show that you are currently within the proper glucose range, but behind the scenes, your pancreas is releasing more and more insulin to clear the sugar out of the bloodstream. This in turn makes the cells even more resistant to insulin.

The all-natural Clinical Nutrition approach to type two diabetes is not a treatment at all, but a reversal of the condition itself. It begins with diet modification since diet is the cause of type two diabetes. On this diet, you can eat until you are full every meal, but you limit the foods that cause the release of insulin. The next step is to reverse the resistance to insulin in the fat, liver, and the muscle cells. This will get the “gum“ out of the keyhole and will allow insulin to begin moving sugar into the muscle, so it is burned off as fuel.

This whole process may seem very complicated but the good news is there is a program available to you that already includes everything that needs to be done to begin reversing insulin resistance.

If you or a loved one is suffering from prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, or type two diabetes and want to begin reversing your condition, there is an office in Bethlehem, PA that specializes in this. Dr. Mark Augello of Dr Augello’s Health and Body Makeover has developed a natural protocol that helps reverse insulin resistance and restores the body’s insulin sensitivity.

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